Miraflores, Перу

Враження, яке організовує Wilson

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Включено: їжа, квитки і транспортні послуги

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Recojo de los pasajeros entre 4:30 a 5:30 am de su hotel o Airbnb y posterior partida en movilidad turística hacia el balneario de la Reserva Nacional de Paracas.
Llegaremos al puerto de “El Chaco” 10:00 am, donde abordaremos una lancha hacia las Islas Ballestas, durante el trayecto podremos observar “El Candelabro”, además podremos observar la diversidad de la fauna marina que aquí habita tales como: gallinazos de cabeza roja, aves guaneras, pingüinos de Humboldt y lobos marinos.
Luego de la visita a Paracas, partiremos con destino a la ciudad de Ica, donde visitaremos el Oasis de la Huacachina, aquí practicaremos 2 deportes de aventura, primero viviremos la adrenalina de subir y bajar a gran velocidad las dunas de Ica en los tubulares, y tendremos la oportunidad de practicar uno de los deportes más fascinantes en la zona conocido como Sandboarding.
Después de haber acabado con estas actividades nos dirigiremos a un restaurante turístico para poder almorzar y disfrutar la gran gastronomía de esta región.
Como ultimo destino, nos dirigiremos a una campiña artesanal – bodega vitivinícola, donde nos mostraran como es el proceso de elaboración del pisco peruano y además habrá una degustación gratuita de la diversidad de tragos que se elaboran en la región de Ica.
Estaremos llegando a la cuidad de Lima entre las 10:00 - 10:30 pm. dejándolos en su respectivo hotel o Airbnb.
Recojo de los pasajeros entre 4:30 a 5:30 am de su hotel o Airbnb y posterior partida en movilidad turística hacia el balneario de la Reserva Nacional de Paracas.
Llegaremos al puerto de “El Chaco” 10:00 am, donde abordaremos una lancha hacia las Islas Ballestas, durante el trayecto podremos observar “El Candelabro”, además podremos observar la diversidad de la fauna marina que aquí habita tales como: gallinazos de cabeza roja, aves guanera…

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  • Food
    El tour incluye:
    De gustaciones de vinos y pisco
  • Квитки
    Esta incluido todas las entradas e impuestos en este full day
  • Транспорт
    El tour incluye trasporte turístico durante todo el recorrido

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El primer punto de este recorrido son las Islas Ballestas, una reserva natural en donde habitan diversidad de fauna Marina, luego visitaremos el Oasis de América conocida con la Huacachina, una laguna en medio del desierto, también realizaremos deportes en las dunas del desierto como los buggies y el sanboarding y finalizaremos este circuito con una visita al bodegas y hacienas pisqueras

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Julia Clara
березень 2020
Excelente experiencia! Recomiendo,fue muy interesante y entretenido,ya quiero volver llevando amigas para que disfruten de esa bella experiencia,nuestro guía fue Johnatan,excelente pessoa,paciente y amable! Saludos y bendiciones en su negocio!!! Abrazos desde chile 🇨🇱
березень 2020
Fue una experiencia fantástica. Todo estuvo muy divertido. La comida pudo ser mejor. Nos gustó mucho el tour
лютий 2020
This was the best trip ever. My whole group LOVED Javier. We all followed him on ig Bc we want to travel back to Peru for this trip. He made this trip more I believe bale amazing than it already was. He watched out for all of us, had personal convos with us about common interest, was very friendly and reliable and some how Made everyone comfortable. My group connected with the other two people on this excursion who spoke Spanish only because of him(2/12 in my group only spoke English and didn’t feel left out). Javier was very considerate and knowledgeable. He’s very smart and educated and spoke to us about a variety of subjects. The breakfast was amazing with authentic food and wonderful bread (also freshly made papaya smoothie) and we got to rest on the ride over which was surprisingly fast given we stopped to beautiful locations to eat and rest. Lunch was at a cool and unique restaurant where we also had wine tasting and got to learn about how the wine was made. Some of us also got ice cream and bought wine. It was great. My group and I can’t wait to visit again and specifically request Javier. Definitely booking again.
лютий 2020
THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT PURCHASE. This experience was so bad it would almost be comical if I hadn't spent so much money on it. If you don't want to read the first point to see how this scam works and then skip to the last point because it describes major safety concerns: 1. Group size: advertised as 10 people but instead there were 19 people. Essentially what this tour agency is doing is setting up multiple listings on Airbnb. There is almost an identical one by a lady named Lucia that I found. On Lucia's page saw a review on there left by person who also left reviews for this tour by Wilson 🤔🤔. I also saw a review on Lucia's listing by someone who was on the tour with me. I found a newer listing for almost an identical experience by a Valeria that I suspect is another by this same group. Then on TripAdvisor they have another listing. Search Inca Trilogy Tours and you'll see identical listings there. How do I know it's the same agency? Well, Wilson has listed in his profile on here that that is the agency he works for. Basically, they skirt around the "up to 10 people" promise by pretending to sell separate excursions but then sticking everyone from the multiple Airbnb listings and the Trip Advisor listings on the tour. I also confirmed this in person when I asked people where they had booked and they said on TripAdvisor. So as a result the bus was super cramped and uncomfortable and there weren't enough seats for all the passengers so some had to go sit in the front. However, I will say that the other people (fellow victims?) did at least make the tour slightly more enjoyable so at this point this is my most minor complaint. However, it did make pick-up and drop-off a nightmare for many people. Some of the people had to get up as early as 4am to be picked up because there were so many people who had to be picked up. 2. Breakfast: breakfast was advertised as included but that was not the case. Instead they dropped us off at some roadside rest stop and had us buy our own food but did not tell us this until after we had ordered. And then when everyone in the group tried to tell the guide they breakfast was included he just pretended to be ignorant (and continued this behavior the whole trip). 3. Lunch: claimed a boxed lunch was included. Instead what we got was stale crackers and a bottle of water. And then they took us to an expensive restaurant in Ica and said that this was where we were having lunch. The guide tried to get us to pay for our own food there too. But enough people complained that eventually he said that they would cover up to 30 soles. The problem is that all the dishes cost 40+ soles. 4. Pisco tasting: this was not a proper wine tasting. We got tiny medicine cups of tiny amounts of 4 different drinks and then were rushed out of there. 5. Bathrooms: not enough bathroom breaks. And then at one point I was stuck in a long women's room line after being on the bus two hours after eating breakfast AND THE MALE GUIDE LITERALLY WALKED INTO THE WOMEN'S ROOM TO YELL AT ME THAT I WAS TAKING TOO LONG. 6. Rushed/poorly organized: we spent way too long at the shitty roadside breakfast place and lunch place. Probably because the company has a deal with these people. The islands and dunes were amazing. But I wish we had seen more. 7. Dinner: there is none. So I tried to shop for snacks in Ica but again the guide yelled at me and said we had to go. But said we would stop somewhere. Instead we stopped at a roadside liquor stand and he bought himself alcohol. 8. Safety: on the ride back I noticed that the driver was on his phone messaging and watching YouTube videos. I asked the guide why this was the case and that I felt unsafe and also it was noisy. The guide laughed in my face and said that he couldn't turn it off or else the driver would fall asleep. Oh. Great. The ride back was absolutely terrifying. The driver kept stretching and yawning. He kept veering too much and slamming on the breaks and getting too close to other cars. Even by Peruvian standards of driving it was terrifying because we were going at a very high speed. So it was obvious to me that he was likely both distracted by the video (and I even saw him looking at that instead of the highway) and also probably nodding off. I was afraid we would die. My hope is that airbnb will remove this experience. If not I hope I've convinced you that it's not worth your life. If you've already been scammed into buying the experience I would honestly reconsider going and accept the sunk cost.
лютий 2020
Hola, la verdad es que nos dimos cuenta que ni disfrutamos el viaje porqué siempre teníamos que apurarnos en todo!!! solo dejaban extra tiempo en cosas que les conviene porque deben ganar comisión (ejemplo: para la compra de pisco cuando hacen la cata ó en la degustación de chocolate que ni siquiera viene en el tour) ... No conoces en sí Huacachina.. solo haces las actividades (en total una hora) y con la misma ya estas arriba del camión ... ya que no te dan tiempo de dar una vuelta. Tanto tiempo para llegar para ni siquiera conocer. Al guía se le dificulta controlar tanta gente del tour... de ida se hizo una parda para que el chofer fuera al baño.. evidentemente si uno baja todos tenemos el derecho de ir al baño también.. al igual de regreso ya todos teníamos hambre (pues ya era noche) y no hubo ninguna parada.. más que ESPECÍFICAMENTE al baño nada más (donde mi amiga ni pudo ir ya que el guía la regresó porque ya teníamos que irnos) pero otros comprando su cena sin problema.....!!!! Dice que incluye almuerzo, no exactamente.. tienes como presupuesto 30 soles que te incluye (pero eso sería pedir alguna entrada y tu bebida por que yo pedí el plato principal más barato y un refresco y tuve que poner de mi dinero) El camioncito es demasiado incomodo para las horas de viaje..muchísimo ruido de la tele. Un peligro que el chofer jamas dejó su celular cuando manejaba que incluso lo pararon saliendo de Ica, también llevan una mini pantalla para ver la Tv adelante ... EL CHOFER iba viendo la película, atento a la platica en su celular y manejando de noche!!! Yo iba aterrada que ni pude dormir, solo deseaba llegar ya! Y desde que salimos a las 5 am el chofer y guía platiqué y platiqué, hay muchos turistas que no hemos descansado por las actividades del viaje y fue demasiado incómodo no poder dormirme. La verdad decidimos hacer la actividad por este medio porque no tuvimos tiempo de buscar otra, si vale la pena ir con algún tour donde puedas disfrutar desde la experiencia de viajar en camioncito hasta gozar TRANQUILAMENTE las actividades.
лютий 2020
Perdimos el vuelo por causas climáticas y no nos quisieron cambiar el tour de día tuvimos que pagar más, eso me pareció injusto porque no fue por nuestra culpa.

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