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Сеул, Південна Корея

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We will be at Jamsil and Jamsilsaenae station where will be pretty lake and game arcade , coin karaoke. You will have fun night:-)
Please feel free to bring your camera or phone. Please wear comfortable shoes and have an open mind.

Ваш організатор – Celina

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I would love to show you my hometown neighborhood, Jamsil. It’s a popular destination with visitors, especially at night. I’ll be happy to walk with you to show you around its attractions. Most of my guests don't want to go home as they would rather spend more time walking around, playing games, and talking with locals. I grew up in Jamsil, so I have spent a lot of time here hanging out. Please come join me for this experience. I will be your friend, take pictures, have some tea, and show you the best spots to have fun.
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we will visit jamsil saenae.There are a lot of traditional market, game arcade, coin karaoke and you can see night life in Korea:)

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вересень 2021
If you have time, you should definitely do this. I had so much fun! It was like visiting a friend. She knew all the fun places to go. I had a lot of un at the arcade and eating street food.
липень 2021
Celina is an absolutely wonderful, warm, and welcoming host. Who is intelligent and kind in her interactions and planning. She is very responsive and cares to ensure your experience is authentic, interesting, and comfortable. Will recommend her to future friends and family travelers.
вересень 2019
Celina is wonderful and very friendly! She knows Jamsil very well and she took us to local places of interest we wouldn’t have found on our own. It was a fun filled evening complete with a place to hang out over a drink and get to know one another. We then went into town for some sightseeing, street food, karaoke and arcades. Overall a very fun time with Celina, we loved it and you will too!!!
вересень 2019
Celina has a wonderful personality and full of joy and energy! I love that she brought her friend and boyfriend and that made the night so fun at karaoke and arcade!
червень 2019
Changed time of event last minute to one I couldn't make and then ghosted after I responded I couldn't make it. Do not recommend.
червень 2019
a really fun and unique experience - felt like i experienced local culture that i wouldn’t have understood on my own. celina is super friendly as well!

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Some cash for game arcade, comfortable shoes, transportation fee, game arecade Extra changes, trasportation fee