Exclusive Lunch Club in Brixton Prison

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Guests will be given the opportunity to eat lunch at The Clink Restaurant which is inside the prison walls of HMP Brixton. Guests will be served by prisoners who are training to receive their professional NVQ qualifications from City & Guilds.
Other things to note
Admittance to HMP Brixton is subject to security clearance. Guests must be registered at least 72 hours in advance and must be aged 18+. Passport or photo driver's licence required. NO SINGLE DINERS.

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A member of our Clink Brixton team will greet you on arrival and explain our mission and our menu. No phones or electronic equipment are allowed in the prison. Lockers will be provided before you go through the airport-style security checkin. The Clink Restaurant breaks the cycle of crime by nurturing self-belief and empowering prisoners with workplace skills and professional qualifications in order to reduce re-offending.
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Про організацію: The Clink Charity

The Clink Charity is a unique and innovative UK charity working to change attitudes, save lives and create second chances for prisoners. Its sole aim is to reduce re-offending rates of ex-offenders by providing training for serving prisoners in a real working environment, with support before and after release from prison.

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The experience will be on offer at The Clink Restaurant inside the prison walls at HMP Brixton, London. If you need to contact The Clink Restaurant on the day of your experience, please call our reservations team on 0208 678 9007.

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листопад 2018
Very well organized program to provide culinary/employment skills as part of prison rehabilitation program. Food was absolutely delicious and insight into the realities of returning to life after prison sobering. Incredible endeavor that deserves public support.
вересень 2018
Had no idea what to expect, but honestly did not think that the food would be as good as it was. I can see why it is one of the top 10 restaurants in London. This was a true experience and you can see what it is doing for the prisoners who are training and working there, you would not have known you were in a prison (apart from the security checks, no alcohol and plastic cultlery) this is a worth while project delivering excellent food. Will recommend and return.
Anne Marie
серпень 2018
Like most people, I've never been in a prison before. This is a unique opportunity to check it out and leave when you want to! Food was very good. Service was good. We enjoyed it very much and felt safe throughout.
серпень 2018
The food was delicious, the actual eating experience was like being in a normal restaurant (except with no alcohol). We had a nice demo from one of the new trainee waiters, clearly excited about learning how to balance plates on his arm. The strict security procedures and going in and out through heavily secured gates remind one that it is a prison. This is a wonderful initiative and hopefully can be extended to training in other occupations.
серпень 2018
I love the idea of The Clink Restaurant and I think that is what most people are here for, but food-wise is very average. Don't expect too much for the food. I saw all the nice reviews beforehand and was expecting sort of a 'fine dining' experience. However, there was nothing wrong with the presentation of every plate, but in terms of ingredients as well as cooking, this is average(or even below) for a medium priced British cuisine restaurant. Although you get the experience of going inside the prison and being served by trained prisoners, you do not get a feeling of being at a different place than a normal restaurant.
серпень 2018
We had a lovely lunch at The Clink Brixton today for my mums birthday. We didn’t really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at the service we received and wonderful food that we ate. Upon arrival we checked in easily and quickly then were escorted to the restaurant through the prison gates. We learnt a little bit about the charity and the prisoner rehabilitation program before being seated and having our orders taken. I’m vegan, and they had a nice vegan option for starters, mains and desert which was good. We had a conversation with one of the prisoners and he asked what Airbnb was - it was nice to help him understand something we take so for granted now days! Overall it was a great lunch and I’d highly recommend it to all.

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