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Окрема кімната у гостьовий дім, господар – Anna Birna

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We are 5 living on the property Anna (the housewife), Siggi (the husband), Einar (the son), Yrsa (his girlfriend) and ingveldur (in University in Reykjavík) and don´t forget Felix the friendly dog and Kisi the mysterious cat.

Us and small stories from around:
The area here around is called „Undir Eyjafjöllum“, in english „Under the Mountains“ we think it is a Paradise on earth. The mountains and the Eyjafjallajökul-glacier shield us from the cold north wind and the sun shines from the south. But it can get very windy, and this area is known as the windiest area in Iceland especially in the autumn and the winter. Don´t be afraid though the wind blows, just hurry inside into the strongbuilt house and listen to the wind blow.
We are a family living at the farm. Anna and Sigurdur (Siggi), husband and wife. Siggi is a mechanicer and Anna is a lawyer (got bored of that profession and is now glad to serve her guests). We have two grown up children, Einar 23 years old, meat processor and Ingveldur Anna is 21 years old, wannabe lawyer, in university in Reykjavik. Siggi´s anchestors have been living here past at least 200 years.
We run a small „gentlemans farm“, we have 20 sheep/ewes. We had hens but last winter a mink got in to the henhouse and killed them all.
We run our own electricity station and produce electricity from the creek behind the house, to use for our house.
In the summer we have a big cabbage garden and catch trout in the lagoon below/south of the farm. In the summer we can always give you lettuce from the garden. And if you/we are lucky fisherman, you can get trout.
You can hear the sound of the waterfall when you wake up in the morning, also the birdsong, the geeses „talking“ together, below, on the lagoon, the wind blowing, and the sheep calling their lambs (depends on what season there is).

The buildings:
„The Garage“ is an old garage on our farm. It was built in the 1940´s and 1950´s in two parts. The man whom built it was Siggi´s grandfather and his foster son Axel. In Axel´s room, Axel had his private store for his things. „The henhouse“ name is because we had our hens once in a small room behind the wall there.
We didn´t use the garage anymore so we decided to rebuild it as studio apartments. The interior is modern, rustic, country style.
„The cowhouse“ - Autumn 2016 we decided to rebuild the cowhouse and did it in the winter 2016-2017. The cowhouse was first built 1964 and was then a very modern and big one, even with a milking pit. Siggis family and we ran a dairy farm until the year 2000, since then our neighbor rented the cowhouse for his cattles.
When the cowhouse was built 1964 the head carpenters name was Haraldur, a very good carpenter. When he was young he fell in love with a girl whom finally rejected him, then he decided:
- never to go from this area, not west of the river Markarfljot or east of the glacier river Jokulsa a Solheimasandi.
- never to work longer than one year at the same place (he made an exception for this building for 3 months to finish it)
- Always to get only paid 1 krona per hour for his work plus food and shelter.
We can thank him that we are here today.
Practical information:
The water in the tab is taken straight from the rock/mountain and it´s the best one you have tasted. You should fill up your water bottle when you leave, there is no need for buying water when the better one is free. You can drink the water everywhere in Iceland, buying water is a waste of money.
The hobs/stove: The hob in the cowhouse are induction and you have to have the pot on so the hob works. The stove can lock itself and then you have to turn the stove on and push the lock button for about 10-15 sec
Night and day: In the summertime there is no dark in the night, we try to have the curtains thick so you don´t have to stay up all night. In the winter the night is long but don´t worry there is a lot of cheap electricity for lightning.
Need something ?: If you need something, fx for cooking, toilet paper, soap or informations don´t hesitate to ask, we will try our best to solve your problems.
The WIFI is open, no password and it is unlimited.
Check out time: Check out is sometime before 12.00. If the payment for the accommodation has been arranged, then you can leave in the morning without our notice, just leave the key in the door or on the reception desk, you don´t have to lock.
Review/rate: We are very glad if you make a review on the website you booked through, we are also on,, Instagram and on Tripadvisor (The Garage – studio apartments).
If something is wrong, you need help or have forgotten something, then you can just come over to our house

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Varmahlíð, Ісландія

What to do !?:
We are located in the centre of the southcoast. It is a perfect place to stay several days and travel both to east and west, fx to the west Gullfoss, Geysir, seljalandsfoss, to the eastJökulsárlón/“the Diamond beach“, Dyrhólaey, „the black beach“, Sólheimajökull, Vatnajökull, national park Skaftafell. You can have a look at Activities in the nearest neighborhood are many:
- The waterfalls: We are located exactly between the two famous waterfalls Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss about 10 km each way.
Seljalandsfoss is lit up in the wintertime and you can easily walk behind the waterfall, maybe get a little wet but that´s ok.
At Skógafoss it is nice to hike above the fall and if you want you can hike further up the river, there are some more (26), but smaller, waterfalls.
At both of the waterfalls it a good view in the wintertime for the aurora borealis / northern lights.

- The natural hot spring swimingpool Seljavallalaug is about 4 km to the east (to left on the crossroads beneath our farm). When you have passed the first bridge you turn to left, just by the bridge, drive straight, as far as you can and then you have to hike about 600 meters. It is not reccomended to go there in dark, because of the hiking path. And maybe mention that the changing room is primative.

- We live beneath the famous glacier Eyjafjallajökull. When the sky is clear it is easily seen, well, not from here but if you go 2 km each direction you will have a good view up on it. You can´t go there, up on the glacier without a superjeep og walking (very hard walk and you have to have a trained guide)

- Lavacenter - In the town of Hvolsvollur (30 km west of us) there is a nice place to stop a new exhibiton, interatctive, about volcano and earthquake, a very good one and the biggest one in Europe.

- The folkmuseum Skógasafn, the biggest and most popular museum in Iceland, is 10 km east of us .

- Our neighbors run a horserent in Skálakot, . There is also a horserent in Skógar, at the farm, during the summer. The icelandic horse is not big, almost pony, but it is very gentle, good mood and soft to ride.
In Vik (35 km) there is a horserent where you can ride on the black beach below the town, check

- You just have to step out of the apartment to meet the elves because they live in the rocks and the big stones nearby the house. Just google „elves in iceland“ and you can read a lot of unbeliveble stories.

- You are free to hike all over our property, just close a gate if you open one and take care not to step in a horse/sheep shit.

- If you want to take a easy little walk then it´s nice to go down to the main road, turn left and walk beside the road about 500 m then you will enter a cave by the road Steinahellir it was once used for local, parlimentarial meetings (1820-1902). After that is was used as a sheepshed and barn for many years.

- Many guests wonder about the bras on the fench, by the main road, about 300 m east of our farm. This property is owned by our friend and this bra-show is just for fun. He once heard about Australian farmer and his wife, they were working on the fields and got hot and sweat. The wife took of her bra, hanged on the fence and forgot it. Bypassers started to hang their bra on the fence also, so that is how things works in Australia and Iceland !

- In the wintertime, if the sky is clear in the night, you can lay down in the snow and watch the northern lights/aurora borealis. The Icelandic Met office makes a aurora forecast . Here is also forecast

- Sólheimajökull is a glacier in the neighborhood, about 15 km to east. In the summer you can go there on a normal car (and in the vinter also if it isn´t a lot of snow). Park at the parking area and hike about 1-2 km to the glacier. It is great to go there and touch and see the glacier but don´t go up on it your selve, you have to go with trained guide, see below

- Dyrhólaey, peninsula is 20 km away. In the summer you might see a puffin if you look down from the rocks.

- „Black beach“ – Reynisfjara (30 km) is a place where you can feel the enormus power of the Atlantic ocean. Take very good care of the waves, it is higher and stronger, goes further up on the beach than you think and can crab you. It has happened that people have not been seen anymore.

- Snowmobile, superjeep, ATV tours and hiking Thorsmork, Myrdalsjökull, Sólheimajökull or Eyjafjallajökull,,

These companies can also take you somewhere else around on a adventure trip - have a look at their schedule/selection or contact them direct through their website for special arranged tours.

- During the summer it is nice to take a daytour to Vestmanna Island from Landeyjahofn (the ferry harbour). It only takes 15 min to drive to the the harbour, here is the timeschedule:
In Vestmanna Island there is lot to do, for example ribsafari, have a look at the puffins, Eldheimar museum and go on a Segway tour

- The canadian popstar Justin Biber made a music video from around here there is an old plane wreck, Douglas DC3, and we don´t know why, but many tourists walk down to the wreck. It is about 15 km to east, you can park the car by road nr. 1 but you have to walk 4 km (and back again = 8 km) to south 63° 27,545'N, 19° 21,891'W (ISN93: 481.797, 328.264) or just follow the tourists.

- Katla Geopark is a local project to protect the natural environment, promote local sustainable development, introduce local culture and place a strong emphasis on nature tourism.

- ATV Quad sightseeing tours, located in Smaratun (Hotel Fljotshlid) about 20 km away west of us. Highly recommended tours if you want to try ATV.

- Lava show in Vik. There you can see how the lava flows and what happens when lava meets ice. Address Vikurbraut 5 in Vik, tel: 8237777, and Lava show on facebook.

- If you want to visit an icelandic sheep, you can. During the summer the sheep wander around in the neighborhood, they are often below the cowhouse in the morning and are in a mood for bread and when they hear a „plastic bag sound“ they will come running. From November until May they stay inside in the sheepshed about 400 meters west of our house and are waiting for bread.

- Hot dog ! On your way in Iceland you must stop and have a hot dog. It is sold in almost every gasstation and elsewhere. Then you ask for „eina með öllu“ or „one with everything“. „Everything“ means that you will have: Raw onion, fried onion, ketchup, senep and remoulade. If you don´t want all of that you say „One with everything except....“. The most popular stop/restuarant downtown Reykjavík is „Bæjarins bestu“ („Towns best“), a shed where hot dogs are sold.

- And two more things you have to try: The icelandic lamb meat and the icelandic fish. It is the best in the world. The Icelandic lamb wander around in the wilderness during the summer and Icelanders are the best fishermen in the world and our fishindustry produces the freshest fish you have ever tasted.

- Swimming pool is almost in every small town in Iceland. It´s a lifestyle in Iceland to go swimming before going to work in the morning or after a busy working day. After swimming we rest in the hot tube, talk to our partner, neighbors or just somone and solve the problem of living in this world.

Restaurants and grocery stores in the neighborhood:
Good restaurants are in the neighborhood both fine dining, lunch, grill, bistro and cafe.
- Hotel Anna 3 km, kitchen closes at 20.30
- Hotel Skalakot 4 km, grand, country hotel restaurant,
- Old cow house 2 km
- Bistro-bar Skogafoss 10 km, kitchen closes at 21.00
- Svarta fjaran (at the „Black beach“) 30 km,
- Hotel Edda, Skogar 10 km (open during the summer)
- Hotel UMI 6 km,
- Seljalandsfoss 10 km – a snack bar/street food by the waterfall during the summer. Open: morning -evening
- Mias grill – by Skogafoss, red shed with white dots. There you can buy fish and chips, very good one they say. It is open sometimes and sometimes not.

To east, in the town Vik (35 km), there are at least 5 restaurants and to west, in the town Hvolsvöllur (30 km) and nearby, there are also 3 restaurants.
In these towns are also grocery stores, KR and Kronan, and liquer store, and excuse us wine and beer is very expensive in Iceland and the stores are not open the whole day.
About 6 kilometers to east, there is a mini market, called „Heimamenn“ opening hours from 10.00-18.00, every day. There you can also get a cup of coffee and croissant in the morning, simple cheap lunch or the famous hot dog, mentioned earlier.
If everything is closed and you can´t get anywhere (can happen in the wintertime), just come over to our house, we always have something to eat in our stove or in our fridge and freezer.

Господар: Anna Birna

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