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Як повідомити домоврядника про прийом гостей на Airbnb?

Here are some tips to help you and your building get on the same page about hosting on Airbnb:

Know the rules and regulations

Before you start hosting, know what contracts and rules affect you, such as leases, condo board or co-op rules, HOA rules, or rules established by tenant organizations. Pay special attention to any rules about guests or subletting, and ask your building manager if you’re unsure about anything.

Make sure you understand and comply with these rules before listing your space. If you’ve already listed your space, take some time to review these rules and other laws in your city or state to make sure you’re complying.

Make a great first impression

Let your building know more about who you are, how you care for your home, and why you want to host on Airbnb.

  • Tell your building manager about yourself and why you want to host on Airbnb. If you can’t do this in person, send them a message.
  • Show your building manager that you care about your home, your building, and your neighbors. Give them a tour of your space, or share some photos.

Let them know we’ve got your back

Let your building know how Airbnb is a community built on trust. Everyone on Airbnb has a profile to help other guests or hosts get to know each other. Reviews are a great way for hosts and guests to give each other feedback. In addition, Airbnb offers AirCover for Hosts, which offers top-to-bottom protection for Hosts. It includes guest identity verification, reservation screening, $3M Host damage protection, $1M Host liability insurance, and a 24-hour safety line. Learn more about AirCover: https://www.airbnb.com/aircover.

Create rules that work for everyone

Collaborate with your building to set guidelines about when and how you’ll host guests. To show your building you’re a responsible host and help them feel more comfortable:

  • Agree on how often you’ll be hosting guests
  • Set a limit for the number of guests allowed to stay at one time
  • Share your home and building rules with each guest. Show your landlord your listing page that details your house rules
  • Give your guests emergency phone numbers and a map of emergency exits and evacuation routes

Get your neighbors on board

Show your commitment to being a responsible host by letting neighbors know they can contact you or report an issue with an Airbnb host or guest, and we’ll reach out to resolve it.

Keep everyone in the loop

Building owners and managers can allow their residents to host on Airbnb with controls and visibility into hosting activity. Building managers can also share portions of the reservation income. To get your building manager in touch with Airbnb about how to become Airbnb-friendly, have them complete the form on this page.

Ask questions and be confident

If your building manager declines your request to host on Airbnb, don’t be afraid to ask why. You may be able to address their concerns, help them understand more about Airbnb. If this doesn’t work and you’re open to moving, you can discover other Airbnb-friendly apartments at airbnb.com/airbnb-friendly.

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